Thursday, July 6, 2017

I'm Famous.

So a couple of weeks ago I was walking through my local Hannaford and I got sucked into the book section. "Really?" you think. "The book section of the grocery store, Aleena? The only books there are weird romance novels." Well, yes. I would mostly tend to agree with you, which is why I don't often peruse the book section of the grocery store. I can always tell when I haven't been to any bookstores recently because I find myself totally sucked in by the sight of any books whatsoever. (ALSO, I would like to state that the book section of this particular Hannaford totally had some pretty decent non-romance-novel-ish books that I actually considered buying. Just saying.)

Anyway, I was standing in the dairy aisle, glancing around at the books, when this bright pink one caught my eye.

I was like "Oh cool, a book about the Women's March that I attended! I'll flip through that!" So I grabbed it and looked at some of them. The book is pretty cool because it shows images from different marches that took place in cities all over the world. Neat, right? And I was like "I wonder if there are any pictures from the Portland, ME march!" Because, you know, I was at that one. Now, most of the pictures were from much bigger cities (D.C., New York, Boston, etc.) but there were exactly four pictures from the Portland march. And one of them featured two women wearing hijab that looked pretty familiar to me. And then as I look at the picture closer I noticed that I AM TOTALLY IN THE PICTURE, TOO!

That's right, folks, my face made it into the book about the women's march. How cool is that!?! Was obviously super excited and decided to buy the book, even though I'd had no intention of doing so. 

I also made a surprise appearance in the background of a picture of a high school track meet that was published in the Kennebec Current (super low-key newspaper that isn't a big deal at all haha). 

AND I did a voiceover for a PSA about service animals that my brother-in-law made for the Maine Human Rights Commission. (You can watch it here, if you would like to hear my voice and also learn alllll about service animals!)

So yeah, basically I am famous. 

BY THE WAY, in case any of you never knew this, I was totally in a music video once, too! It was filmed a few years ago, right after I moved to Minnesota; a friend of mine asked if I would be in it with her because her friend was directing it and they needed extras. The song is called "Kill the Fun" and it's by a Minnesotan musician Haley Bonar. You can watch the video here! ( I am very much just an extra in it. I'm one of the women "going to work in the factory" in the back of the truck. You can see my face if you pause the video around seconds 18-20, and the back of my head is totally in seconds 52-54ish- I'm the one in the red scarf with purple flowers. But honestly, if I didn't actually know where I was sitting and what I was wearing there's no way I'd have been able to see myself.)

All this to say: you guys should probably get my autograph now before I really make it big and don't have time for any of you anymore. 

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