Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

At this very moment I am sitting in my bedroom in Minneapolis. It is August 14th. Most years, late summer in the twin cities is so hot that it borders on gruesome--over 100° and nauseatingly humid. But this summer has been gloriously, graciously mild. Most days have maxed out in the low 80s, and I've even been using my quilt at night. I am nervous, however, that cooler temperatures now will mean that the coming winter will get even colder than the last. Yikes! All winter long, Minnesotans told me it was the coldest winter they'd had in at least ten years. Lucky me.

All in all though, the past year has been pretty swell. I still miss Maine most days. Being so far from the ocean this summer has been especially challenging. I haven't even put on my bathing suit yet this year!

Instead, I've been working my butt off at my two jobs. I still work as a PCA with the Johnson family and in June I got a job as a baker at SiP Coffeebar in Northeast Minneapolis. I get up at about 4:15 every weekday and start baking muffins, scones, cinnamon twists, cream cheese filled pastries, cookies, brownies, and coffee cake at 5 am! I also brew coffee and make the occasional latte. I love it, but on the days where I work both jobs I am completely exhausted by the time I get home at about 8 pm.

Last week I finally got my computer fixed after it broke in January. Which means that I can start writing blog posts with relative convenience again (as you can see). I'm hoping to get back into the habit of posting about my life-- not that I do much worth reading about, but it seems like a nice way to keep those of you on the East coast updated about my life. Here's hoping I can start a weekly posting routine!

Back again soon,