Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fair Warning.

Primarily, this post is a heads up for those of you who reach my blog through Facebook (or who are just friends with me on Facebook in general anyway)- I will soon be deactivating my Facebook page. Anyone who has known me for more than a year or two knows that I do this periodically. And it's time to deactivate again. Beyond time, actually, as I've been wanting/meaning to since about May. First I wanted to be tagged in all my sister's wedding pictures, then I wanted to post pictures from all the other weddings I had film photos of, then I had all sorts of film from all summer long that I was waiting to develop and post...basically, I've kept my account active this long exclusively for pictures. And I've now developed and posted everything I have from this Spring and Summer, and it's finally time to be done for a season (or two).

In an ideal world, I'll be posting here regularly as a way for my family to know I'm still alive (Hi, Mama and Daddy...), but we all know how unreliable I am with that. Not to mention that in three days NaNoWriMo will have started and I'll be trying to write a whole novel (okay, only 50,000 words, so not really an entire novel...) in thirty days. Chances are good I won't post much in November. But we'll see.

As some of you may remember, completing NaNoWriMo was one of the goals for this Autumn that I listed in this post. I'm in the process of putting together a writing area in my room to maximize my writing ability--I figured if I try to write a novel from my bed, it will end badly. Otherwise, I've completed seven out of my twelve goals, and have a few others under way (NaNoWriMo, Halloween costume, etc.) so it's looking good. I'll post an update (with pictures!) when I've completed more of my goals.

Til then, I'll see you. Maybe. But I won't be seeing you on Facebook anymore starting a couple days from now.