My Story.

I grew up in this house

in this town

with these characters


and can't imagine my life any other way.

Though I am proud of being born and raised in Maine, I went to a small liberal arts Christian college in Massachusetts where I got a degree in English Literature. For a few years after that, I lived in Minnesota with these crazies.

Now I'm back in Maine, working as a temp and spending as much time as possible with my niece, Mackenzie

who was born in September of 2016.

In light of the recent political climate and general state of America, I've been trying to be more involved in activism both small scale (volunteering in my community) and large scale (calling my senators, participating in protests against the tyranny coming from the White House) and encourage you to do the same.
We are all in this together. Let's fight for what's right.

I have many hobbies including drawing, painting, knitting, cooking, baking, letter writing, story telling, reading, and flying really high on swings. I do not enjoy most organized sports or competitive games. 

I like when people can list more favorite books than favorite movies.

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