Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It has been about six months since my last post which was about the fact that I'd lived in Minnesota for one year. Whoops. It seems that I'm always starting posts with an apology for their tardiness. It seems kind of lame, but what to do? 

Things haven't really slowed down since I became insanely busy after taking on a second job last July. I work seven days a week for months on end. I do have a FULL DAY OFF coming up soon- April 4th- the first of those since January. I've been planning some things that I want to do during that time. 

Otherwise, life has been the same old, same old. I wake up distressingly early and bake food items. I have a few hours of down time before driving to the suburbs to help the Johnson crew with their day-to-day. I spend most Friday afternoons through Sunday nights there as well. It's starting to get exhausting. I'm looking forward to this summer when I'll get one (or possibly even two!?) full day(s) off every week. It'll come soon enough. Before that, I'll be flying to the East coast for two weddings and road tripping Southwest for a third. It's going to be a busy Spring! 

Meanwhile, I've been reading lots of books. (You can check out what I'm currently reading here.) I sometimes discuss them with others, particularly three of the four former Minnows, who have joined me for a Harry Potter Book Club that meets weekly via Skype. 

Harry Potter Book Club members (excluding the second from right) c. 2010.
It's been interesting. I've been listening to the books on cd in my car, which I'd never done before. I've found that when I pick up the physical book and start reading where Jim Dale's narration had left off, I get much more "into it." I like audiobooks just fine, but I think that my deep connection with the Harry Potter books is dependent on the narration my brain has provided for the past fifteen years without Dale's inflection.

I've been talking with some people lately about blogs, blogging, writing, etc. and have concluded that I really want a blogging constancy that I've never managed to maintain. My daily grind is still daunting, and shows few signs of lessening in the next few months, but I hope to be back soon. At the very least I should be able to post when the wedding rush is over. Here's hoping!